2013 Young Writer’s Conference Held This Week in OESD Region

Young Writers

Young Writers           

Students around the region are gearing up for the 2013 Young Writer’s Conference.  Held in Port Angeles on Monday, March 25 and in Bremerton on Thursday, March 28. 

            Elementary students from 15 local districts will spend the day at the regional workshop in breakout sessions working on their own writing, and participating in workshops to learn new techniques and learn from published authors.  Student’s reflect on their own writing and bring manuscripts to share.  These may include poetry, drama, prose, and exposition.  Noted authors are present and will share ways to build better reading and writing techniques.  As students are paired with age-group peers and assigned to a group leader, they spend the day on the college campus, participating in different sessions and having lunch together.  

                        This year’s featured authors include David Patneaude, author of Thin Wood Walls and Epitaph Road, and Patrick Jennings, author of Invasion of the Dognappers and Bat and Rat.  Authors spend keynote sessions addressing the students and discussing the writing process.  Patneaude talks about the writing process and says, “An idea isn’t a story.  An idea is the spark that ignites a story–that thing with the beginning, middle, and end.”

            For information regarding the Young Writer’s Conference or for information regarding participation in next year’s conference, visit www.oesd.wednet.edu/youngwriters or by contacting Sarah Freitas at sarahf@oesd.wednet.edu

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