(TPEP) Teacher/Principal Evaluation Project


OESD 114 can help meet your individual TPEP needs.  If you do not see what you see what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

For additional information, including the latest state guidance and Policy and Resources, please visit OSPI’s TPEP webpage: https://www.k12.wa.us/educator-support/teacherprincipal-evaluation-program

The Teacher and Principal Evaluation and Growth Program (TPEP) is based on these core principles:

  • High quality teaching and leading are key to student success.
  • Growth in practice is development in nature.
  • Growth occurs best when there are clear standards of practice supported by quality professional learning and learning-focused feedback.
  • Evaluation systems should reflect and address the career continuum.
  • The focus for teacher and principal growth should be driven by student learning needs.

TPEP Support at Olympic ESD

Please contact Susan Zetty for any questions you may have.

Susan Zetty
Executive Director, Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Phone:  360-782-5051


Training and Resources

Additional Training Topics

  • Teacher Overview Training of Teachers
  • Rater Agreement
  • Learning Focused Supervision
  • Consultation
  • Student Growth Goals

CEL 5D+ OESD Trainer

Danielson OESD Trainer


eVAL is a web-based tool designed to manage the evaluation process and documentation. Developed in partnership with the Washington Education Association, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Educational Service District 113,

eVAL is:

  • free resource created with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation;
  • personalized for each district for their instructional framework, resources, and documents;
  • available and voluntary for all Washington K-12 public school districts, who can use as many or as few of eVAL’s features as they’d like (or none at all); and
  • extremely secure with limited access physically and virtually to its servers.


  • Ready to see eVAL in action? Play in the “sandbox” and see for yourself what it can do
  • Learn more about eVAL’s functions and capabilities for teachers and principals
  • Evaluation (Growth Management)
  • Student Perception Survey tools for teachers; experiment with this in the “sandbox”
  • Video Calibration exercises for evaluator
  • Need access to eVAL and don’t have an EDS account? Learn how to create an EDS account and request access to eVAL

eVal Support at Olympic ESD

Jeff Allen
Director of Youth Services

OSPI’s TPEP Website for eVAL

eVAL Customer Service
Email:  eval@esd113.org
Phone:  360-464-6708

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