Regional Crisis Counseling Support Team

About the team

The Regional Counseling Crisis Support Team (RCST) is mobilized respond to schools during a traumatic event that emotionally impacts students and staff. The OESD Team works with the local school districts to mobilize counselors to provide support to students and staff. In addition to crisis management services, for OESD School Safety and Security Cooperative members, the RCST provides comprehensive training to help prepare your school and staff in the event of a crisis of any magnitude.

Crisis Response

The OESD team works alongside the school/district to determine what is needed at the time of a crisis. This could be to handle/mobilize within the school/district; or mobilize counselors outside the district within a neighboring school district. Counselors across the region are prepared and trained to mobilize and provide support to students and staff in the event of a crisis of any magnitude.

The OESD team is also available to provide technical assistance for crisis response plan for deployment, share resources and debrief the team when schools respond to a crisis.


Kristin Schutte
OESD Student Services Center Executive Director
Work: 360-405-5833
Cell: 360-689-5036

Michelle Dower
OESD Student Services Center Manager
Work: 360-478-6893
Cell: 360-689-7100

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School Preparedness Crisis Training

  • School counselor’s role in responding to a crisis.
  • Team lead training (school counselor and administration)
  • Administrator training on preparing and respond to a school crisis.
  • Communicating information to staff, students, and families
  • Addressing trauma and grief in students K-12
  • What to do in the days and weeks following a crisis

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