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The OESD 114 works with School Districts to provide training opportunities for Paraeducators.  Paraeducators are also welcome to sign-up for and attend trainings listed in pdEnroller.  (Be sure to check with your school district for any required training components.)

To learn more about Program Components of the Paraeducator Certificate Program, click here.

*** UPDATE*** Please click on the link above to view the newest updates for requirements for the Paraeducator Certificate Program for the 2022-23 school year.

Paraeducator Testing

**UPDATE July 2023**

New Minimum Employment Requirements for Paraeducators go into effect, July 23, 2023.  OESD is currently reviewing all available testing options (ETS, Master Teacher, and Pearson (when available)).  Updates will be posted on our website and correspondence will be sent out to districts once we have had a chance to review all options and a decision has been made about which testing option(s) OESD will be administering in the future.

**UPDATE December 2022**

ETS has recently changed their timeline to allow the OESD 114 to continue as an approved test site through late spring of 2023.  If by chance, changes continue to be made and this affects your registered test date, we will reach out to you with more information. We thank you in advance for your understanding.*

**UPDATE 11/17/2022**

Due to a decision by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) agency, after October 26th, 2022, the OESD 114 will no longer be acting as a test center for the ETS praxis test.  Paraeducators will have the option to take the assessment through a Prometric testing site or through ETS at home testing.  The OESD 114 is not affiliated with either of these entities and therefore, will not be able to further assist with questions pertaining to paraeducator testing.   The Professional Educators Standard Board is aware and seeking solution, including a potential legislative request.  As we learn of more updates, we will try to post them on our website.  Please continue to check back for updates or visit the PESB website to stay apprised of any potential changes.  Please click on the links below to contact ETS or Prometrics for further assistance.

At home testing:


**UPDATE 7/18/2022**

It appears ETS has made an extension in allowing OESD 114 to remain a test center.  Although there are plans to still move their testing to Prometric test centers, they are allowing us to offer testing through the beginning of November 2022.  Below are links to our scheduled test dates that will be held at the OESD 114 in Bremerton, Washington.  Testing dates will be added/updated on our website as they are added to pdEnroller.


Due to changes made by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), OESD 114 will no longer be a test site for the ETS ParaPro Assessment.

Effective immediately, anyone interested in taking the test will need to do so using the two options below:

·      At-home testing

·      Make arrangements with a Prometric Test Center (the nearest testing locations are Fife and Mountlake Terrace).

Interested in becoming a Paraeducator? 

To find out more information about minimum employment requirements, please visit by clicking the button below.


For questions or additional information, please contact Heather Archut.

Heather Archut
Admin Assistant CIA/ clock hours

Paraeducator Helpful Links and Resources

Below are active links/resources pertaining to the Paraeducator in Washington State.   We hope you find these links helpful when looking into becoming a Paraeducator.  These links have been pulled from the PESB (State of Washington Professional Educator Standard Boards), OESD 114, and ETS, and Washington State Department of Labor & Industries websites.

Washington State Paraeducator Guidelines

Parapro Assessment: What Is It?

Minimum Employment Requirement

Study Companion Guide

Study Guide and Practice Questions

ParaPro Test Study Guide

Teacher's Test Prep * Requires you to create/log in with free account

Free Test Prep

Tips and other Helpful Information

Reducing Test Anxiety

Accomodations for Test Takers with Disabilities or Health-Related Needs

One of the minimum requirement options for a Paraeducator is to complete an apprenticeship as a paraeducator, in a program registered with the Washington State Apprenticeship and Council. *

For more information, please visit Washington State Apprenticeships in Public Education.

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