Student Assistance Program

Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance program addresses non-academic barriers to learning by providing mental health and substance use prevention and intervention counseling support and student reengagement services and student dropout intervention services.


Through a strength-based, trauma-informed lens, we provide services that positively impact the learning and well-being of children and youth within our schools and communities.


Children and youth are successful contributing members to their school/community.


1. Assist children/youth in overcoming barriers to academic success.

2. Provide access to relevant, research-based professional learning opportunities.

3. Establish and/or maintain collaborative community-school partnerships.

4. Improve the overall health and well-being of children and youth.


Kristin Schutte
Executive Director of Student Services and Support
Phone 360-405-5833

Michelle Dower
Manager of Student Services and Support
Phone: 360-478-6893

About the Education Advocate Program

Youth offenders re-entering the community face a number of systems level and individual barriers that place them at-risk of failing during the re-entry process. To effectively address these obstacles the Education Advocate program is designed to increase the success of youth released from both the County Detention Centers and Juvenile Rehabilitation facilities through the implementation of a comprehensive case management model.

Working with Kitsap County detention center partners and local school districts, Education Advocates provide education case management services to youth involved in the juvenile justice system. The Education Advocate main area of focus is in student re-engagement-reentry into their local school and community and assist youth in connecting with school and/or workforce/vocational opportunities.


See our Institutional Education Page for more information


Kristin Schutte
Lead for State Education Advocate Coordination
Phone: 360-405-5833

Malorie Woods
Education Advocate Supervisor
Phone: 360-478-6891

Student Assistance Prevention – Intervention Services Program

The Student Assistance Prevention-Intervention Services Program (SAPISP) is a comprehensive multi-tiered systems of support school-based behavioral health (including mental health and substance use) model. SAPISP aims to promote social, emotional, and behavioral wellbeing. This program places Student Assistance Professionals in schools to provide Tier 1 universal prevention programs, and Tier 2 & 3 interventions and supports for students experiencing mental health or substance use issues.

Student Assistance Professionals

  • Facilitates and coordinates building awareness events and student leadership activities to promote positive school climate of mental health and wellbeing and non-use.
  • Provides school-based early prevention and intervention behavioral health counseling support and case management for students and their families.
  • Assists in referrals to treatment providers.
  • Strengthens the transition back to school for students who are returning from a treatment program

School Improvement Benefits

  • Promote the skills and teach coping strategies to related to anxiety and depression and other behavior health issues. 
  • Promote the skills and attitudes resist pressures to use alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs
  • Encourage students to reduce the substance use for which they were referred
  • Remove barriers to school success
  • Increase student attendance and commitment to school

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