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Digital Fingerprinting

Olympic ESD 114 offers digital fingerprint background checks for school district personnel by utilizing live-scan technology. The live-scan equipment allows the quality of prints to be checked on the equipment when they’re being taken, creating few necessary retakes and without the need for any fingerprints to be inked onto a card. Fingerprints are directly submitted to the Washington State Patrol. After additional review by the FBI, fingerprints are held by OSPI. Fingerprints taken through live-scan are generally cleared within just 1 to 2 weeks.

Digital fingerprinting is available in our Bremerton Office by appointment only.  Directions to our office can be found under Directions to OESD.

For Fingerprinting Services at the Bremerton Office, note the instructions below.

  • Olympic ESD 114 offers fingerprinting services by appointment only.
  • Appointments are scheduled between 8:00 AM and 3:40 PM, Monday through Friday.
  • For appointments in our Bremerton Office, please click on the following link to schedule:
  • Those requesting fingerprinting services from the Olympic ESD 114, will be asked to provide demographic information a picture I.D..
  • Fingerprints are submitted electronically to the Washington State Patrol.
  • All fingerprint record checks will reside with OSPI.
  • Payment of $83.00 can be made with: debit cards or credit cards, Visa or Master Card only.
  • Payments are accepted over the phone.

*NO CASH accepted at this location!*

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