Congratulations to our 2022 Regional Classified Employee of the Year

Employee of the year 2022 award

Celebrating our 2022 Regional Classified Employee of the Year, Melinda (Mindy) Jones!

On Thursday, November 10, 2022, OESD 114 Superintendent Aaron Leavell presented Mindy Jones with the 2022 Regional Classified Employee of the Year award during the North Kitsap School District’s Board meeting.

Some highlights shared about Mindy:  She began her college career studying reading and writing with a desire to pass on her love of literature and writing by becoming a teacher. As an active duty military spouse, she found time to volunteer in classrooms beginning when her children were in kindergarten. When her children were in high school, she started working at Kingston High School (KHS) where in 2019, the Restoration Center (RC) was created as a student-based center with social emotional, academic and behavioral services. Mindy was a member of the team providing solutions to challenges and brought special insights and differing points of view to implement the principal’s vision of the Restoration Center, which had a positive impact on the school.  At the RC, Mindy greets each student and assesses their needs. If the RC is not equipped to assist, she contacts other resources and compiles data used to determine where to focus further efforts. KHS is working diligently to get all students the supports they need to be successful and the RC is at the center of that work.

Some comments shared by Mindy’s colleagues:

“She is the perfect person to man our main desk, as she never fails to add a bit of pragmatic wisdom, encouraging students to reflect on their choices, celebrate their successes or consider what they might do the next time they are faced with the same decision.”

The success of the RC is seen in “individual students whose behavior or academic performance turned around, due in large measure to her consistent and firm guiding hand.” She has helped countless at-risk students reach commencement.

Earlier this fall on September 12, 2022, she was honored by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) at a statewide awards ceremony.  Additional information about the award(s) can be found on the OSPI website at

Congratulations Mindy and Thank YOU for making a difference in the lives of students in our region!

Left to Right: Teresa Holland-Schmid (KHS teacher), Ajay Advani (KHS Teacher), Barbara Waggoner (School Board), Breane Martinez (School Board), Nancy Moffatt (School Board), Laurynn Evans (Superintendent), Mindy Jones, Rick Eckert (School Board), Mike Desmond (School Board), Jack Simonson (Nominator, former Principal), Alison Roberts (KHS teacher), Laura Upton (Technology TOSA), Miranda Smallwood (KHS Principal)
Left to Right:  Aaron Leavell (OESD Superintendent), Stephanie Parker (OESD Board Director), Mindy Jones (Regional Classified Employee of the Year)