Accreditation Earned!

NKSD Accreditation

Quilcene, North Kitsap and Kingston High Schools Have Achieved
Something Special.

Celebration is surely in order!  The Olympic ESD (OESD 114) region spread kudos to three schools that earned Accreditation in 2016 – Quilcene School, North Kitsap High School and Kingston High School.  OESD Superintendent Greg Lynch and Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning Susan Jung Lathrop visited Quilcene’s January 18, 2017, Board Meeting and North Kitsap’s February 9, 2017, Board Meeting to present the awards honoring the process of public recognition for institutions that meet certain standards of quality.  For Washington schools, the Association of Educational Service Districts (AESD) coordinates the process with the state’s nine ESDs.   The association has designed a collaborative Accreditation process that combines both internal and external appraisal of the school’s school improvement planning activities and School Improvement Plan (SIP). More details and frequently asked questions about Accreditation can be found here under FAQs:  http://www.sbe.wa.govQuilcene Accreditation

Quilcene School District
January 18, 2017 – Left to right: Wally Lis (Quilcene Superintendent), Gary Stebbins (Principal Quilcene School), Greg Lynch (OESD Superintendent), Greg Brotherton (Quilcene Board), Paul Manon (Quilcene Board)        

tNKSD Accreditation

 North Kitsap School District

February 9, 2017 – Front row left to right:  Brennan Jacobson (KHS Student Rep), Anderson Crawford (KHS Student Rep), Glen Robbins (NKSD Board), Christy Cole (KHS Principal), Megan Sawicki (NKHS Principal), Cindy Webster-Martinson (NKSD Board) Back row left to right:   Jim Almond (NKSD Board), Bill Webb (NKSD Board), Patty Page (NKSD Superintendent), Beth Worthington (NKSD Board), Greg Lynch (OESD Superintendent)

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