YouthBuild Kitsap

YouthBuild Kitsap

About YouthBuild Kitsap

YouthBuild Kitsap is a Department of Labor funded grant that re-engages students who have dropped out academically, and teaches construction trades. Participants must be 17-21 years old, Kitsap County residents, & looking to obtain their GED or diploma.

This project is funded by a grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration.This program is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Program and Auxiliary Aids and Services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. 29. CFR 37.34 Washington Relay service is available by dialing 711.

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Join YouthBuild Kitsap!

  • Are you between 17 and 24 years of age?
  • Not finished with High school or GED?
  • Not attending school?
  • Interested in the construction trades?

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Program Values

Respect for every individuals intelligence
Cooperation toward achieving common goals within a caring community.
Love for each other, humanity as a whole, and and all that is sacred.
Courage to build bridges and go where expected
Diversity as a source of knowledge, creativity and connection to the full human community.
Commitment to work hard and overcome internal and external obstacles to success, change and excellence.
Integrity to keep our actions and values consistent to do the right thing even when nobody is watching.
Responsibility for the wellbeing of ourselves, our families, organizations, communities’ society as a whole and the Planet Earth.
Community as a source of strength and wisdom


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Hear What Students Have To Say About YouthBuild Kitsap


Karsten L.

Before I started YouthBuild Kitsap I had no idea there were so many different trade jobs. I got the chance to learn about a lot of them and was surprised about what I liked - things I didn't think I would like grew on me. Through YouthBuild, I learned to focus on myself. I saw that when I paid attention to things people were bringing into my life, I would lose focus on my goal, so I made a decision to care about myself. 


Adam D.

YouthBuild Kitsap was the best thing for me - it kicked started my life! I learned that there is a lot that I want to do with construction and there are plenty of opportunities to shoot for. Teamwork was the biggest take away for me. Especially when you are working with someone you aren't good friends with, it teaches you how to work with anyone you need. 


Eddy F.

I tell people that YouthBuild Kitsap is a fun experience and a great way to help you find a career in construction. I tell them how it helps you learn and gain new skills, but the biggest lesson that I took out of YouthBuild is that hard work pays off. When you truly focus and put all your time and effort in a project, it is very satisfying and rewarding knowing that you've done something worthwhile. 

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