October Meeting Materials

October Meeting Materials
  •  October MLT Meeting Powerpoint- these slides were used as a guide through the meeting activities.  
  •  Caves Task  Caves task on the table - to promote thinking about probability for later in the day.
  •  Opener Activity - A Summary of the Representations I used as to help participants introduce each other and share. 
  •  Belief Cards These are the cards used in the beliefs card sort. This was a refresher activity to connect to our work last year. Some groups centered their conversation on the card sets organized in a continuum as an extension activity. 
  •  Card Sort Protocol This is the protocol that was used last year if you want to do the card sort with teachers who have not used it before. 
  • Generating an Argument Protocol Math Task Protocol to focus students on sharing their ideas and understanding others ideas before they are asked to solve a problem.  
  • Designing a game of chance Math Task from the MARS website 
  • Gallery Walk Questions (2 per sheet) these questions support students in conversations as they look at others posters. These aren't the best but it is important to provide scaffolds and help students be intentional about using them. 
  • Fundamentals of Learning document- see slides for the protocol used at the meeting
  • Number Talks guidelines for doing number talks in intermediate grades. 
  • I also shared the table of contents of the book Making Number Talks Matter
  • Evaluation Survey information