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A Spring Full of Knowledge Bowls & Art Shows - 2019: Check out the results!

2019 Results of our Regional High School Art Show & Knowledge Bowl

Take a look!  You'll like what you see.

Art Show Information:  The Annual Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) High School Art Show for students in grades 9-12 provides an important opportunity for the recognition of students with outstanding artistic ability.  Click here to see what it's all about and to view this year's results.

Click Here to View the State Winners (including one from our region)

Knowledge Bowl Information: Each year high school students throughout the Olympic ESD region participate in three regional Knowledge Bowl competitions.  Knowledge Bowl is an academic competition where each team has the opportunity to answer 250 questions in a variety of categories. Once a team has buzzed in they have 15 seconds to respond with the correct answer to receive a point. Those teams winning their division at the final competition advance to the state tournament. Click here to find out more about Knowledge Bowl and this year's results.


Pictured Below:  Superintendent Greg Lynch with students who participated in this year's Annual Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) High School Art Show from the Olympic ESD Region.

 Photographed:  Superintendent Greg Lynch with Students who participated in the Art Show Reception