• Helpful Links
    Basic Skills Testing West-B
    This includes study guides, test dates, test sites, and registration information.
    The West-E tests are the only endorsement tests currently approved by the Washington State Professional Educator's Standards Board and are required for all new teachers to the state of Washington within the first twelve months.  This includes study guides, test dates, test sites and registration information.
    Washington State's Website regarding certification.
    PESB Info on Professional Growth Plans (PGPs)
    The Professional Educator Standards Board website has a great informational page on PGPs with downloads, FAQs, and support materials.
    If you are a prospective student, this lists the college contacts for education programs, as well as what endorsements and certificates each college can offer.
    For job searching in Washington, this is Washington Education Association's website listing of all WA school districts and direct links to their human resources websites.   Select the Learn, Improve, Grow Tab and then Find a Job/Career Link.
    A resource maintained by the University of Kentucky, links you to other state certification websites.