• Where do the questions used in the competitions come from?
    Each year, new pristine questions are purchased for use in our regional Knowledge Bowl Competitions. These questions are purchased from Academic Hallmarks. Visit their website to find out more about the questions we use and test your own knowledge!

    Where can I get new equipment, or get my equipment repaired?
    Equipment used in our regional Knowledge Bowl competitions can be purchased from and repaired by V & V SystemsClick here to go to V & V Systems website or click here for a printable contact sheet.
    Mark Welch also has bar-repairing skills and has graciously offered to repair bars for other Olympic ESD 114 region schools. His contact information can be found on the Coaches contact sheet.

    Where are Olympic ESD 114 regional competitions held?
    Our regional competitions are held at Olympic ESD 114 (competition 1) and at Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend (competitions 2 and 3). We use several buildings at Fort Worden, including 204, the Schoolhouse, the Seminar building, the USO, Building 306, and the Park Office. (Once, we even used the Chapel!)