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    ProQuest, eLibrary, CultureGrams, SIRS Discoverer, ProQuest: Learning Literature, History Study Center

    All databases in the ProQuest Suite are accessible through a convenient portal!
    Use your school's current eLibrary log-in at http://portal.bigchalk.com/portalweb/login.do

    If you need help with your usernames/passwords for the ProQuest databases or Local Administrator sites, please call the Instructional Materials Cooperative at 360-405-5832.

    Trainings are offered via web classes, recorded training video and podcasts for all ProQuest K-12 databases. To see a current listing of available trainings or to sign up for a free web class, visit ProQuest's Training and Support website.

    Proquest ProQuest Research Library

    Searches multiple ProQuest databases, accessing full-text articles in thousands of periodicals, newspapers and trade journals. Geared to secondary and college-prep level.

    eLibrary eLibrary Curriculum Edition

    • Geared to K-12 audience
    • Over 1,500 full-text magazines, newspapers, books, and transcripts
    • Over 5,000 topological, historical, thematic, and interactive maps
    • More than 500,000 photos and images
    • More than 17,000 streaming audio and video files
    • Over 160,000 editor-screened and selected websites
    • More than 190 full-text reference books

    SIRS SIRS Discoverer

    • Geared to K-8 audience
    • 100% full-text articles and images from more than 1,900 domestic and international newspapers, magazines, and government documents
    • Pull-out map collection includes 3,000+ offerings, including all 50 United States, the provinces and territories of Canada, as well as nations and regions of the world
    • More than 29,000 graphics, photos, maps, and charts are available, connected to associated articles
    • Supplemental curriculum and learning materials, educator's guide, middle- and elementary-level student workbooks, citation guidelines, research strategy worksheets, and more
    • 9,000+ educational weblinks via the integrated Discoverer WebFind content set

    CGrams CultureGrams

    Provides in-depth information on over 200 countries around the world, and including maps, statistics, photo galleries, recipes and more. World, Kids, States and Provinces Edition.

    History History Study Center

    • Geared to the secondary level
    • Meets the needs of both AP and mainstream courses in Social Studies
    • Covers 14 centuries of history--from ancient to modern, old world to new world
    • Comprehensive collection of primary and secondary source material
    • 40,000+ documents, 6,000+ primary sources, and thousands of vetted websites
    • Downloadable multimedia, interactive timelines and more

    PQ Lit ProQuest Learning: Literature

    • Geared to the secondary level
    • Author biographies, contemporary criticism, reviews, and multimedia resources organized into 3,000+ Author Pages
    • More than 180,000 searchable works of literature from medieval times to the present
    • 100+ searchable full-text literary journals and magazines for the latest in literary criticism

    The ProQuest Databases are provided at special pricing to Washington K-12 schools through the Washington State Library Statewide Database Licensing Project. For more information about the Statewide Database Licensing Project, visit their website at http://www.secstate.wa.gov/library/libraries/projects/sdl/contract.aspx
    To inquire about purchasing access to the databases, please contact:
    Sarah Freitas, Instructional Resources Program Manager