• Professional Development

    Leadership Development

    Leaders are Teachers, Principals, Superintendents and Administrators who positively impact students and the communities in which they live

    Leaders exist in all areas of education; leaders are those who desire to positively impact the future of our students and the communities in which they live.  Educational leaders in our region expend extraordinary effort throughout the year working toward this purpose.  From Neah Bay to North Mason, in the smallest districts and in the largest districts alike, leaders throughout our region have dedicated their professional lives to improving education. 

    Support for Educational Leaders

    In their book Resonant Leadership, Boyatzis and McKee (co-authors with Daniel Goleman of Primal Leadership) state:
    "For many people, especially the busy executives we work with, little value is placed on renewal, or developing practice---habits of mind, body and behavior---that enable us to create and sustain resonance in the face of unending challenges, year in and year out...Not much time or encouragement is given for cultivating skills and practices that will counter the effects of our stressful roles."