• Olympic Science Alliance
    Cooperative K-5 Science Education Systems

    The Olympic Science Alliance is a cooperative organization of regional school districts. Its purpose is to provide a cost-effective curriculum support system along with an appropriate level of professional development support in order to foster the development of science education systems within school districts and regionally.

    Member Benefits
    The membership fees pay for the curriculum support system, which includes the refurbishment of K-5 science kits and the updating of the printed curriculum and associated instructional materials. Teachers who have worked in other areas know the difference, and love our services!

    Science Kit Refurbishment
    This sounds so simple, doesn't it? Just add a few items that got consumed during the classroom experiments. Actually, the entire operation of science kit refurbishment is formidable, and does not include the same services in all science centers. Many so-called "teacher-supplied items," and the prefabrication of many of the supplies and apparatuses are included in our operation. We also include classroom copies of "student sheets" and "assessment sheets." between kit uses. The Science Kit Center is currently conducting an audit to enumerate the considerable savings of time and money to schools and individual teachers. These hidden costs can add up surprisingly fast. Over time, equipment wears out or breaks (including the kit boxes), and many items require cleaning.

    Updating Science Kit Curriculum
    Why can't I just buy the curriculum once and be done with it? Over the years, new curriculum supports have become available as teachers, leaders and publishers collaborate to examine the curricular materials in relation to the work of teaching science in Washington State. Some examples that we've worked to incorporate into our system include "WA Edition Assessments," new versions of Science Stories, and curriculum alignment documents. Making existing and new information more easily available to teachers who are pressed for time and are flooded with useful and not-so-useful information is an ongoing effort driven by suggestions from teachers themselves. Images of a curriculum system as a static object do not reflect the realities of education.

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