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    We are the STEM Hotspot at OESD114, connecting teachers to content knowledge, STEM professionals, classroom best practices, and standards from math, science, CTE, ELA, and computer science.

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    STEM Office Hours
    Individual STEM support is available by appointment!  Get one-on-one help on any STEM activity, lesson, or unit. 
    By Appointment; Email Kim at kweaver@oesd114.org to schedule. 

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    K-5 Eureka Science Stories

    How can reading story books about the extraordinary lives of diverse scientists, engineers, and inventors inspire your students and enhance your science and STEM teaching?  Come find out!  This workshop is great for elementary librarians, science or STEM specialists, and classroom teachers. 

    9 AM - 2 PM (4.5 STEM Clock Hours)
    Lunch and Book Provided
    Cost: $55 



    Science + Engineering: NASA Series for Secondary Teachers

    How do scientists and engineers from NASA work together to understand important question and address our most pressing problems? That is the focus of this 4-part series.  In each session, participants will engage in classroom ready activities and lesson plans that highlight the interdependent relationship between science and engineering on NASA projects from the past, present, and future. 

    NOTE!  March dates have been cancelled for this series.  Check back for updates as the situation develops!

    Bremerton, All sessions 4:30 - 7:30 PM
    Feb 11, Apr 14, May 5, Jun 10

    Port Angeles, All sessions 4:30 - 7:30 PM
    Feb 12, Apr 15, May 4, Jun 9

    3 STEM Clock Hours Per Session (12 total)

    $100 Honorarium available for classroom implementation

    K-8 Edison Robotics

    "Intro to Edison" or signficant prior experience with Edison robots is required for the "Next Level" workshop.   Participants will be eligible to borrow a classroom set of Edison robots (15 robots, batteries, lesson plans) for 3 weeks.  COST: $20 per session
    4:30 - 7:30 PM

    NOTE!  March and April dates have been cancelled for this series.  Check back for updates as the situation develops! 



    Novel Engineering 
    Level 1, Level 2, and 3 (NEW for 2020!!) 

    Come learn how to use storybooks, chapter books, novels, and excerpts to launch authentic engineering designs.  Suitable for PreK-12. 

    Level 1 is a prerequisite for Level 2. 

    March 9 in Port Angeles (Level 1)
    $20 to attend
    Dinner Provided
    3 STEM Clock Hours

    Saturday, May 9 in Bremerton
    Level 1 (8:30 - 11:30 AM)
    Level 2 (12:30 - 3:30 PM)
    $10 per session; lunch provided for attendees of both sessions. 
    3 STEM Clock Hours per session.
    Please register for both sessions if you plan to attend both!

    Free Space

    Authentic, Student-Centered Engineering in K-12 Classrooms

    Can your students identify problems, decide if those problems could be solved with engineering, define criteria for success and constraints, and make robust claims from evidence throughout the engineering design process?  YES! 

    4:30 - 7:30 PM
    3 STEM Clock Hours
    Dinner Provided 
    COST:  $10

    New Dates Forthcoming soon!

    Arguing from Evidence Across the K-12 Curriculum (Hosted by Quillayute Valley School District in Forks)

    This workshop will focus on strategies and structures for developing students in this vital practice.  Grade-level appropriate examples for K-12, templates, and discussion techniques will be explored.  The day will include time for teachers to plan ways to incorporate this practice into their own classrooms.

    CANCELLED, Rescheduling possible. 
    Stay tuned.


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    OESD 114 STEM Vision

    STEM is a change in mindset that supports the integration of the standards and associated instructional shifts in math, science, engineering, technology and English Language Arts in service of a classroom experience that supports discovery, problem solving, and communication to provide equity and access to college and career readiness.

    Unless noted, all events are held at the OESD 114 office in Bremerton, 105 National Avenue North.

    Please pre-register for all events so that we can plan for supplies and food.