Celebrating Staff with 20 Years of Service

20 years


Lee Stadshaug

Child Development Coordinator Assistant, Early Childhood Education Department

After 13 years as a home child care provider, Lee started at the ESD 20 years ago as a Head Start/ECEAP Substitute and Assistant Teacher.  She moved her way into a Lead Teacher role, and then became a Coordinator Assistant.  In her time at the ESD, she’s earned her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and continues to participate on teams integral in providing professional development to the department and community, as well as various planning committees.  Her favorite part of working at the ESD is the people that work here, and her favorite memories involve teaching in the classroom.  “My love for teaching children and supporting their parents has been such a great part of my career at the ESD.  It has given me a strong foundation for my work now providing mentoring and training support to our HeadStart/ECEAP teachers. “

Mark Heike

Workers’ Compensation Coordinator, Workers Compensation Department

Mark started at the ESD as a Workers’ Compensation Coordinator after working at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Keyport.  Mark holds a Bachelor of Science in Loss Control Management from Central Washington University.  Noting how time flies in his time at the ESD, Mark shares that he’s seen his children’s births up to their high school graduation.  A Kitsap County native, Mark’s knowledge of the region and its employees has made him an integral part of the Workers’ Compensation Trust. 


Erik Johnson

Data & Technology Service Director, Data & Technology Department

Erik was hired at the ESD after he heard about it from a friend who was a teacher in the region.  Visiting for a retirement party, Erik had also recently retired from the Air Force.  Erik’s previous employment allowed him to travel extensively through the US and Europe, allowing him to bring a world view with him to the ESD.  In his time at the ESD, he has been adjunct faculty at Chapman University, served on committees through his church and several committees with WSIPC.  His work-related accomplishments include converting district data center communications  from dial-up to IP networking, consultant for various district network installations, creation of the network services department and managing the conversion of districts to the Skyward financial and student operations (a 10 year process).  When asked about his favorite thing about the ESD, he says, “Coming to work every day.  ESD staff consistently display a positive, can-do attitude focused on delivering high quality services to school districts and other customers.  Working together in this environment is challenging and at the same time it’s a lot of fun due to the attitude and ethics of ESD staff and customer appreciation for the services we provide them.”


Kathy Zimmerman

Lead Teacher, Early Childhood Education DepartmentKathy came to the ESD from private industry after working at an insurance company.  She holds an Associates degree in Child Development and an additional Associate degree in Early Childhood Education.  Her work at the ESD has opened new doors and she has served on the local chapter of the Kitsap Association for the Education Young Children (KAEYC) and as the affiliate chapter representative at the state level on the Washington Association for the Education Young Children (WAEYC).  Kathy notes that her favorite part of her job is working with children and her fellow staff members.  When asked what her favorite memory is, she shares “One of my favorite memories of working for the ESD was when we had an ECEAP review.  At the time, I was working in Olalla and the school had asked us to have a family gathering off campus.  We held them in a nearby, old community hall.  The reviewers wanted to observe a family gathering and so while we were congregating in the basement of the community hall, a mouse ran across the floor!  I laugh today still remembering one reviewer shrieking and literally leaping onto a chair!  My team, who I love wholeheartedly, families and children are what keeps me excited about my job with the ESD.” 

Linda Streur

Student Records Assistant, Kitsap Detention Center
Linda was unable to be reached for interview.  The ESD values her service and insight for the last twenty years.  She continues to provide high quality services to area youth and we appreciate her commitment and involvement.   

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