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     Pressing for Evidence Based Explainations  Pressing for Evidence-Based Explanations


    Why do we use these particular practices?

    This final set of practices will help students construct a final, evidence-based explanatory model for an anchoring event. The goals of this practice are:

    1. Engage all students in authentic disciplinary discourse around using evidence to support explanations.
    2. Hold students accountable for using multiple sources of information to construct final explanatory models for the anchoring event (this accountability of course must be supported by scaffolding and guidance from you).
    3. Support students in using evidence to support different aspects of their explanatory models.


    Summary Table Discussion

    Create a summary table as a sense-making exercise to consider what plants need to live and grow, and how to make “new” plants.

    Use student ideas to complete the table. Ask for clarification/reasons as the ideas go onto the chart.