Why Join the Cooperative?


    • Improve the capacity of our schools to prevent and respond to a crisis at school.


    • Convening of school district/school teams to train, plan and prepare for emergencies (e.g. Table Top drills).
    • Shared professional learning and staff development costs with the collective identification of external subject matter expertise to meet school district needs.
    • Maintain compliance of current safety and security laws with regulations and development of policies and procedures.
    • Leverage external expertise to assist with the evaluation of safety and security needs of schools and school district infrastructure leading to long range plan for resources.
    • Identification of emergency preparedness related materials and equipment including infrastructure technology – bulk purchases equal reduced cost for member participants.
    • Provide continuity of support and services between school districts, Law Enforcement and Fire and Emergency Services leadership – key  personnel turnover challenges.
    • Routine planned discussion, coordination and emergency planning with school district, Law Enforcement and Fire and Emergency Services Leadership.
    • Common framework and shared procedures in coordinating the execution of emergency response.
    • Best practice Crisis Management Team training.
    • Access to all training materials from previous events, as allowed by presenters.