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    Resource for the
    District Administrator of eVAL

    The District Administrator's Handbook

    Download the District Administrator's Handbook to learn to select your district's instructional and leadership frameworks, assign “evaluatees” to their evaluators, and configure other settings. These tasks need to be done before the onset of each school year.

    Resources for Users of the eVAL Tool

    Quick Start Guide for Setting Up Teachers for Evaluation

    This Quick Start Guide is a short tutorial that will guide principals through the steps of assigning teachers to their evaluators and identifying their evaluation cycles for the school year.

    The eVAL User Guide is a great tool to get all eVAL users started with the new version of eVAL. Designed for both teachers and principals, as well as district evaluators, this user guide will take readers through various aspects of eVAL 2.0:

    • Navigation
    • Setup (Teacher Assignments and Prompts)
    • Self-Assessment
    • Student Growth Goals
    • Conducting Observations
    • Understanding the District Administrator Settings


    The Principal Guide to Summative Evaluation provides principals and other evaluators with sequential steps to use the eVAL tool to complete the summative scoring of evidence, and to generate and share the final summative reports with their teachers. This tutorial includes sections for those principals who have packaged evidence throughout the process, as well as for principals who have not packaged evidence. Sample summative evaluation reports are included at the end of the guide.


    Support Links

    eVAL Support at Olympic ESD,
    Susan Zetty
    Phone: 360.782.5051

    eVAL Customer Service:
    E-mail: eval@esd113.org
    Phone: 360.464.6708