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    OESD and its Western Regional Information Services Center (WRISC) is a member of the Washington School Information Processing Cooperative (WSIPC).  WSIPC is a network of member schools and computer systems designed to provide the best combination of people and technology to meet the demanding telecommunications, instructional computing, and administrating needs of schools. 
    Skyward software suite includes a financial system and a student information system developed in accordance with the requirements of schools in Washington State. Both systems are designed to manage the complex and time-consuming tasks of school administration paperwork.
    A full-time staff is available to assist schools and districts Monday through Friday.  Questions from individual schools and districts are handled by support analysts.  Regular workshops, trainings, and User Groups are held to keep school personnel up to date on new system features and to review familiar processes.  In addition, on-site individualized training and consultation is available.  Training is then tailored to the needs of individuals.
    The Western Regional Information Services Center support analysts and operations staff service school districts with combined student population of more than 75,000.  Although the computer application is a major focus, WRISC recognizes that the people come first, and are dedicated to providing accurate, friendly, and personalized support to meet district needs.
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