• Vision Statement

    The School Nurse Corps assists in the pursuit of student academic success by supporting and expanding public school districts’ capacity to provide a safe and healthy learning environment and optimal health for each student.


    The School Nurse Corps, in partnership with schools, families and communities, will help students to achieve academic success by improving school health services and health outcomes.


    • Students in all public school districts have access to basic Registered Nurse (R.N.) services.
    • All students in Class II districts identified with potentially life threatening and/or chronic health conditions have emergency care plans/individual health plans (ECPs/IHPS) developed and implemented with staff training and supervision by an R.N.
    • All students in Class II districts receive medication and/or medical treatment in compliance with current laws and accepted standards and with staff training and supervision provided by an R.N.
    • All Class II districts provide mandated screening programs and comply with immunization laws.
    • School districts have policies and procedures for school health services based on current laws and accepted standards.
    • All districts have access to consultation, education, and resources regarding school health services.
    • Identify and collect data to evaluate the impact of nursing interventions on student education and health outcomes.

    Why You Need a Nurse

    School Nurse Corps Nurse contacts
    Judith McCrudden, RN, MSN
    Quilcene and Brinnon School Districts
    Martha Alder 
    North Mason School District

    Martha Alder 
    Queets/Clearwater School District
    Nancy Schiedermayer
    Clallam Bay School District