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    OESD Science Education
    Partnerships Support Science Reform

    OESD Science Education has been a partner in several regional and trans-regional professional development programs in western Washington state. These efforts typically assist in developing school districts' science education systems by focusing on multiple levels:

    • Science content knowledge and classroom practice
    • Collaborative practice in Professional Learning Communities
    • Leadership development

    OMSP (Olympic Mathematics and Science Partnership) The Olympic Mathematics and Science Partnership is an initiative bringing together partners from higher education, local school districts, and OESD 114 to focus on improving Mathematics and Science instruction for K-12 students on the North Olympic Peninsula. Our goal is to build knowledge and capacity within our region to better understand and answer the twin challenges of teaching and leadership within our school systems. OMSP supports and extends the research-based principles and practices of the North Cascades Olympic Science Partnership (NCOSP) and the Olympic Peninsula Transition Math Project (OPTMP).

    Past Efforts in Science Education Reform

    NCOSP (North Cascades and Olympic Science Partnership) -- This NSF-funded program spearheaded by WWU engages numerous partners in K-20 science across the OESD114 and ESD 189 regions. Classroom practice, teaching for science understanding, Teacher Leadership, and collaborative professional development are all grounded in the cognitive research in How People Learn. The science education systems of participating school districts are supported by data-driven strategic planning and cultivating Professional Learning Communities.

    LASER (Leadership Assistance for Science Education Reform) -- This statewide program provides comprehensive support for curriculum adoption/implementation and professional development that focuses on all parts of the science education system. Strategic planning, curriculum support system, formative assessment, teacher development, and administrative-community support are some of the key elements of LASER.

    Elwha Restoration Curriculum Project -- This partnership between OESD Science, Olympic Park Institute and Olympic National Park engaged a group of teachers to develop and pilot curricular materials for science and social studies.  The historic removal of two dams and the restoration of the Elwha River ecosystem provides an engaging context for cross-curricular student and teacher learning.

    PRiSSM (Partnership for Reform in Secondary Science and Mathematics) -- This partnership between ESD112, WSU-Vancouver, OESD114 and many school districts in western Washington is focused on developing teacher leadership and classroom practice using Professional Learning Communities as a vehicle for learning and collaboration.