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    Elementary Science
    Growing Elementary Science Project 
    Building meaningful connections between core science curriculum and a learning gardens


    Growing Elementary Science 

    Are you interested in finding a way to make meaningful connections between your science instructional materials and your local schoolyard garden? 

    Goal: Increase teacher content and pedagogical content knowledge of science through modifying existing core instructional materials to provide meaningful, schoolyard garden anchored science learning experiences with strong alignment to the Washington State Science Learning Standards (WSSLS) Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


    • Identify grade-level appropriate disciplinary core ideas connected to schoolyard garden context and core instructional materials
    • Increase teacher awareness and understanding for the instructional shifts in the Washington State Science Learning Standards/ NGSS
    • Modify an existing science instructional material to anchor learning in the schoolyard garden context by:
      • Developing a cohesive instructional “storyline” that utilizes the schoolyard garden context as a relevant and engaging phenomenon
      • Identifying alignment to the three dimensions of the WSSLS including engaging students in science and engineering practices that emphasize modeling and explaining phenomena or solving problems
      • Increasing student interest and engagement with science learning opportunities connected to their school community via the schoolyard garden context
    • Increase elementary student curiosity, wonder and sense of place
    • Implement modified science unit and collect evidence of student learning

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    What is OpenSciEd?

    OpenSciEd is a nonprofit organization that brings together educators, state science administrators, Curriculum developers, and professional development providers to improve science education through the development and implementation of high-quality, freely available, science instructional materials. 


    OpenSciEd is currently supporting implementation of middle school science instructional materials across the state. If you are interested in learning more about the project please follow this link.