• Services for Children with Disabilites





    "Know me for my abilities, not my disability."

    ~ Robert M. Hensel


    The OESD Early Learning Program is a special place for all children ages birth to 5 years old, including children with disabilities. We are committed to working with families to ensure that their children, including those with significant disabilities, receive the comprehensive services they need to meet their developmental, health, and social needs. In addition, we are also committed to continuously meeting the mandated 10 percent or more of enrollment opportunities for children with disabilities.


    Give Your Child Every Opportunity with OESD Early Learning:

    • Receive services and support in a standard classroom
    • Develop the learning and social skills necessary to enter school
    • Interact with all students to develop positive attitudes toward children with special needs
    • Connect to services through partnerships with local districts, Holly Ridge Infant/Toddler Program, and other community resources

    Diverse preschool children



    Collaboration with the local school districts, Holly Ridge Infant/Toddler Program, and other Local Education Agencies (LEA) is an essential component in making the OESD Early Learning Centers an inclusive and natural environment.




    OESD's Early Learning Program provides a support group for families of children with special needs. The group meets twice a month and is intended for families who are currently enrolled in our program.

    Click Here for a List of ZOOM Support Groups, Dates, and Times


    A Caring, Qualified Staff

    View this short, animated video to find out about a family’s experience when they learn that their child has a special need. Explore how staff can support and partner with families through this experience.





    Ongoing recruitment of children with disabilities is conducted throughout the year.

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