• Clock Hour

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are CEUs and PDUs accepted as clock hours?

    Effective September 1, 2019 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Professional Development Units (PDUs) that have been completed at an accredited college or university (in-state or out-of-state), can now be accepted as clock hours for credential renewal. 

    I have a Department of Health license (school nurse, OT, PT, SLP).  Can I use the same Professional Development hours that I used to renew my license for renewing my OSPI credential? 

    Educators who hold a specific Department of Health (DOH) license can use hours that satisfy the DOH licensure requirements as clock hours toward their continuing education.  DOH license must be up to date.

    I was a presenter for a class.  Can I claim those clock hours?

    Yes, however, instructors can only claim clock hours if participants attended the course.  They may not be offered if they are the only participant. 

    How do I get clock hours approved for a training I am giving?

    Refer to the “Clock Hour Proposal Info” shortcut to the left. Keep in mind that OESD 114 must approve the clock hours prior to the start of the in-service.

    Can I get clock hours approved for trainings or conferences outside of our area?

    Yes. If the event is in Washington, first try to ascertain whether clock hours have already been approved by a different provider. If so, you can get the clock hours through that provider. If not, or if the event is in another state, or in some cases another country, you can submit a clock hour proposal to OESD 114, through your district. The clock hours must be approved by OESD 114 prior to the start of the event, so get the proposal in early!

    Do I Have to Register My Clock Hours?

    Clock hours, like college credits, are not earned until all fees are paid to the clock hour provider. Thus, all clock hours provided by OESD 114 must be paid for before they are considered earned, whether the hours will be used for salary placement or for re-certification.

    Clock hours from a different provider must also be registered with OESD 114 if the hours will be used for salary enhancement. OESD 114 does not charge for those hours, but does charge a $3.00 per workshop processing fee.

    Clock hours from a different provider that will be used only for re-certification do not need to be registered with OESD 114. The forms must, however, be signed by the provider or designee before you can use the hours.

    How Do I Register My Clock Hours?

    Refer to the Register Your Clock Hours shortcut on the left sidebar.

    How do I know if the Clock Hours were sponsored by OESD 114?

    Easy! At the top of the form you should see:
    Olympic ESD 114
    Request for Clock Hours
    If the training was not sponsored by OESD 114, then nowhere on the form will you find the words ”Olympic ESD 114.”

    What Are Research Fees?

    Research fees help defray our costs in researching classes and attendance. We charge research fees only for classes sponsored by OESD 114, and only for Request for Clock Hours forms submitted to us more than 90 days after the end of the class. If you owe a research fee and do not pay it when the Request for Clock Hours form is submitted, the form will be returned to you. (Submitting the forms late not only costs you more money, but at transcript run time - late August through September - we are extremely busy and it could take us a while to do the research; this means your district could receive a transcript without the class(es) in question being annotated on the transcript.)

    I Lost My Request For Clock Hours Form - how to I get one?

    If you know the Clock Hour ID number, just contact the Clock Hour Registrar. If not, you need to submit a Clock Hour Research Request Form. Submit one form for each class you want researched. Give us as much information as possible about the class. Be as specific as you can - we approve clock hours for over 1200 inservices each year, so finding the right class is dependent on having the right information. We will do our best to find the class, and verify your attendance. The cost for researching a class is $10.00, due when the form is submitted, and is non-refundable regardless of whether we can find the class or not. If the class is found and your attendance is verified, we will send you a Request for Clock Hours form for the class. You will not have to pay the research fee again when you send the completed form back to us with payment for the clock hours.

    What If I Change School Districts?

    If you stay within the OESD 114 service area, all you need to do is give us a call, send us an email, or note your new district on the next Request for Clock Hours form you submit. If you are moving into the OESD 114 service area from another ESD service area, you will need to send us a copy of your Clock Hour Transcript from the old ESD, with a check for $3.00 per class, and we will put all of those classes onto the OESD 114 transcript. Unfortunately, this does not happen automatically. If you are moving out of the OESD 114 service area, have your new HR office email the Clock Hour Registrar, requesting a transcript.

    What Are Independent Study hours?

    Some trainings, mainly book studies, offer clock hours for reading or other homework. If clock hours have been approved for this, there will be Independent Study Logs at the training. You need to take one and fill in the times you spend on the outside work. The log must be sent to us along with the attendance roster in order for you to get credit for the those hours.  

    Can I Alter the Request for Clock Hours Form?

    No, please do not change any printed information on the form, including the printed Total Number of Clock Hours or Program Ending Date. You must complete Section 1, Personal Information, Section 2, Affidavit, and Section 4, Payment Information. The affidavit section is where you enter the actual number of hours you are claiming.

    How Do I Get My Clock Hour Transcript?

    Transcripts are given to districts in the OESD 114 service area twice a year. If you would like to receive a transcript from us, the cost is $5.00 per copy. Complete a Clock Hour Transcript Request Form and mail it to us along with a check.  You can also download a PDF transcript directly from pdEnroller by logging in, clicking on the Clock Hours dropdown, and selecting My Clock Hours from the menu.  Use the blue download button to get your transcript. This is currently free to do.

    Will my clock hours in pdEnroller be reported automatically to OSPI for my recertification or do I still have to enter that information on my own?

    Clock hour information on pdEnroller is not linked to OSPI at this time.  You still need to log into your EDS account at www.k12.wa.us/certification and enter your professional development hours prior to renewing your certificate (if you are on a certificate that requires 100 clock hours to renew).

    Why Aren’t Classes I Took Prior To The 2005-2006 School Year On My Transcript?

    We changed to a new clock hour database in August 2005, and could not migrate the old records to the new. We gave a transcript of all classes on the old system to your school district at that time. The new system, for the most part, only has classes submitted in August 2005 or later. The first time you request a transcript from us, you will receive a transcript from the old system as well as one from the current system. For subsequent requests you will receive a transcript from the new system only.