• Registering your Clock Hours

    Clock hours may now be registered online via pdEnroller.

    Once attendance for an inservice you attended has been entered, you will receive an email notifying you that you have clock hours available. Participants must complete the online evaluation before being able to pay for clock hours.

    Clock hours are used to:
    • Renew Continuing and Professional certificates (150 clock hours, 15 quarter credits or 10 semester credits from a regionally accredited college or institution are required each renewal cycle)
    • Salary enhancement (move up on the pay scale)

    Requests for clock hours sponsored by OESD 114:

    If clock hours were requested and approved by OESD 114 for a training, Request for Clock Hours forms will be provided on the last day of the training. Each individual should pick one up before leaving the class.
    Note: an individual must attend a class for a minimum of three hours to be eligible for clock hours.

    The Request for Clock Hours form must be mailed to us with payment. The cost is $2.00 per clock hour. For each form submitted more than 90 days after the training, a $10.00 research fee is also required. Clock hours are not considered earned until paid for and authorized by OESD 114.

    Send all forms with appropriate payment to:

    Olympic ESD 114
    Attn: Clock Hour Payments
    105 National Ave N.
    Bremerton, WA 98312.

    When authorized by OESD 114, the clock hours will be entered into the clock hour database and the request form will be returned to the individual with the verification portion completed showing the individual earned the clock hours.

    Clock hours provided by another Washington State approved clock hour provider:

    On occasion an individual will attend a training which has the clock hours provided by another approving agency, such as OSPI or another ESD. In those cases, payment for the clock hours, if required, goes to the approving agency.

    If the clock hours will be used for salary enhancement, after the form is signed by the approving agency or designee it then must be sent to OESD 114 to be put on the individual’s transcript. Our fee for transcribing those clock hours to the transcript is $3.00, regardless of the number of clock hours or date of the inservice. Note: forms from other providers must be signed by the provider before being sent to OESD 114. We cannot accept them without the provider signature.

    When the clock hours have been entered into our database, the form will be returned to the individual.

    To clarify which clock hours must be registered with OESD 114, refer to the chart below:

    Do I HAVE to register my clock hours with OESD 114?

    Using clock hours for:

    Clock Hours Provided by OESD 114

    Clock Hours provided by another agency (OSPI, WEA, ESD’s, etc)

    Certification only



    Pay enhancement



    (after registering them with the provider, if required by that provider)

    Cost to register with OESD 114

    $2.00 per hour

    $3.00 flat fee

    (after registering them with the provider, if required by that provider)

    Remember: Clock hours are not considered earned until registered with the providing agency.

    Lost Request for Clock Hours forms: If you have lost a request form, or neglected to pick one up at a class, you should complete a Research Request Form. Fill in as much information about the class as possible (we approve clock hours for over 1200 inservices each year, so finding the correct class can be tedious) and mail it to us with a check for $10.00. We will do everything possible to find the right class and send you a Request for Clock Hours form for the class.