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    Clock Hour Program Services
    OESD 114 is an authorized approving agency for Washington State clock hours.
    Among the services we deliver are:
    • Provide clock hours to districts and organizations in the Olympic ESD 114 region for classes of benefit to teachers. Olympic ESD 114 is a Washington State approving agency for clock hours.

    • Register your clock hours (note: clock hours are not considered earned until paid for and registered)

    • Maintain a database of earned clock hours.

    • Provide transcripts to participating districts twice a year.

    • Provide transcripts to you on request (cost is $5.00 per transcript).

    • Offer classes in a wide range of content areas, and offer clock hours for those classes. Click here to see the current class schedule.

    Angela Wageman

    Angela Wageman
    OESD 114
    Professional Development
    Certification Officer