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    Food & Nutrition (5-6)

    This page provides educators with information and resources in using the Full Option Science System (FOSS) kits provided by the Science Kit Cooperative at Olympic ESD 114.

    Food & Nutrition Curriculum Calendar

    The calendar below is to support teachers in planning for teaching the Food & Nutrition FOSS Science Kit. Use the
    calendar links below to identify: big science ideas, key standard targets for each lesson, and assessments. 
    Week 1 - The Fat Test
    How do we accurately measure fat in foods? How can we fairly compare the fat in foods?
     What evidence is there that yeast are alive? What evidence is there for how much sugar is in cereal? What substances make up the food we eat? 
    How is carbon dioxide different than air? What substances make up most fruit? How do food scientists measure vitamin C content in foods?
    Is my lunch nutritious? What else do I want to know about food?

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