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    Variables (5-6)

    This page provides educators with information and resources in using the Full Option Science System (FOSS) kits provided by the Science Kit Cooperative at Olympic ESD 114.

    Variables Curriculum Calendar
    The calendar below is to support teachers in planning for teaching the Variables FOSS Science Kit. Use the calendar links below to identify: big science ideas, key standard targets for each lesson, and assessments.  This kit had been aligned to the 5th Grade Common Core State Standards in Mathematics.
    Week 1 & 2 - Swingers
    What is a pendulum?  How can graphs be used to predict results?  What variables affect the number of swings on a pendulum?
    What can be changed in a paper-cup boat that can affect the number of passengers it can hold?  What is relationship between the capacity of a life boat and the number of passengers it can hold?  How can I use the two-coordinate graph to to make a prediction about other boats?  
    What are the parts of a model plane system?  What variables affect the distance a FOSS model plane system can fly?  
    How can the flipper system be set up to propel an object the highest and longest distances?  How do other variables affect the flights of an object?
     What else can I find out from conducting controlled experiments? 

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