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    Measurement (3-4)

    This page provides educators with information and resources in using the Full Option Science System (FOSS) kits provided by the Science Kit Cooperative at Olympic ESD 114. This kit has been aligned to the Washington State K-8 Mathematics Standards and the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics.

    Measurement Curriculum Calendar
    The calendar below is to support teachers in planning for teaching the Measurement FOSS Science Kit. Use the calendar links below to identify: big science ideas, key standard targets for each lesson, and assessments. 
    Week 1 & 2 - The First Straw
    What tools and techniques work best to measure length?  How do you measure so everyone gets the same information?
    What unit is used to describe the mass of an object?  How much water can a dry sponge soak up? 
    What unit is used to describe the volume of liquid?  Does the label on a soda can tell the volume of the liquid in the can or the capacity of the can?
    What is the unit to describe the temperature of air or a liquid?  How cold does the temperature of water get when you add ice?   

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