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    Levers & Pulleys (5-6)

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    This page provides educators with information and resources in using the Full Option Science System (FOSS) kits provided by the Science Kit Cooperative at Olympic ESD 114.


    Levers & Pulleys Curriculum Calendar:

    The calendar below is to support teachers in planning for teaching the Levers & Pulleys FOSS Science Kit. Use the calendar links below to identify: big science ideas, key standard targets for each lesson, and assessments. 
    Week 1 to 3 - Levers
    How can a lever system make work easier?  What force caused that action? How is energy transferred through the system when you lift that load
     How many ways can you arrange the fulcrum, effort, and load within a lever system?  What are the different classes of levers?  
    How much effort is needed to lift a load in a one pulley system?  What is the difference between a one pulley and two pulley system?  
    How can you predict the effort needed to lift a given load with the pulley system?  What other lever and pulley systems can you design? 

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