• Science Kit Models & DVDs

    Complimentary materials listed on this page are available free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis to all members of Olympic ESD 114’s Science Kit Cooperative. 

    If available, they can be shipped out along with your science kit. (please make your request prior to your scheduled kit delivery date.) They may also be picked up at the ESD office in Bremerton. No other transportation is available. 

    To request materials, please contact us by phone at (360) 405-5832 or email sarahf@oesd114.org.


    Calvin the Caterpillar
    81427 DVD, 10 minutes, Primary, 2003
    Describes the life cycle of the Painted Lady Butterfly from the butterfly’s point of view. "Calvin" rhymes his way from hatching out of a microscopic egg to caterpillar to pupa to adult butterfly. FOSS Kit, Grade 1 -Insects.

    Mindy the Mealworm
    81463 DVD, 12 minutes. Kindergarten/Primary 2002
    Describes the life cycle of a mealworm from "Mindy’s" point of view. They see her grow from a larva to a pupa and then into an adult beetle and see her molt. FOSS Kit, Grade 1 -Insects.

    Samuel the Silkworm
    81428 DVD, 11 minutes, Primary, 2003
    Describes the life cycle of a silkworm from the silkworm’s point of view. "Samuel" rhymes his way from hatching out of a microscopic egg to larva to pupa to adult moth. Also includes information about the legend of the discovery of silk. FOSS Kit, Grade 1 -Insects.

    Wendy the Waxworm
    81426 DVD, 10 minutes, Kindergarten/Primary, 2002
    Students watch as "Wendy" goes through the stages of egg, larva, pupa, and adult moth. They see her molt, and watch the microscopic waxworms hatching out of their eggs. FOSS Kit, Grade 1 -Insects.


    Animal Development Plastomount Collection
    60080 Model
    Plastomount models of several animals in their various stages of development. Honey bee specimen shows larva, pupa, worker, drone and queen bee; Silkworm specimen shows eggs, larva, pupa, cocoon and adult moth; Salmon specimen shows the fertilized egg, eyed egg, early and late alevin, fry and fingerling; Early Chick specimen shows development at 24, 36, 48, 56 and 72 hours; Later Chick specimen shows 4-, 6-, 9-and 12-day­old embryos; and Frog specimen shows egg, hatched larva, operculum, 2-leg stage, 4-leg stage with tail, and small adult.

    Animal Kingdom Plastomount Set #1
    60078 Model
    Contains 12 animal specimens, embedded in clear resin (plastomount) to allow for hands-on exploration.
    Specimens included are: commercial sponge, sycon sponge (grantia), jellyfish (gonionemus), Portuguese Man-of-War (physalia), planaria (dugesia), sheep liver fluke (fasciola), scaleworm (lepidonotus), goose barnacle (lepas), crayfish (procambarus), horseshoe crab (limulus), garden spider (araneus) and scorpion (centruroides). 

    Arachnid Plastomount Collection
    60072 Model
    Contains six plastomount arachnid specimens, embedded in clear resin for hands-on examination. Includes: tarantula, black widow spider, brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa), garden spider, scorpion (Centruroides), and tick set (American dog tick, Lone star tick, and deer tick). 

    Arthropod Plastomount Collection
    60086 Model
    Contains several plastomount arthropod specimens, embedded in clear resin to allow for hands-on examination. Includes: Blue crab specimen, dissected and labeled to show internal structures; crustacean selection with small specimens of a barnacle, shrimp, sow bug and fiddler crab; and an arthropod selection with a grasshopper, millipede, small crayfish and centipede.

    Bacteriophage Model Set
    60111 Model
    Enlarged 100,000x, 8 models clearly depict the destruction of a bacterium by a coliphage T2 virus. Shows phases of the lytic cycle as follows: the bacterium, phage attaches to bacterium by its spike, the enzymatic action of the phage's spike dissolves the bacterium wall, phage's DNA enters the bacterium's cytoplasm, phage's DNA self-replicates, the bacterium produces viral protein coats, DNA enters the protein coats, and finally, lysis of the bacterium.

    Bird Skeleton Plastomount (Sparrow)
    60097 Model
    Complete sparrow skeleton embedded in clear resin to allow for hands-on examination.  

    Butterflies of the United States Display
    60040 Model
    A Riker mount display of 14 butterflies native to the United States. Each specimen is labeled with both their common and scientific names.  

    Butterfly Life Cycle Plastomount Model
    60070 Model
    Real specimens of Painted Lady butterfly eggs, larva, pupa and adult butterfly, embedded in clear resin to allow for hands-on examination. Clearly shows each stage in the process of metamorphosis for this insect. FOSS Kit, Grade 1 -Insects.

    Chordata (Vertebrate) Fossil Collection
    60036 Model
    In Search of Ancient Life Fossil Series.12 specimens spanning Mesozoic to Cenozoic eras. Includes dinosaur bone, crocodilian tooth, dinosaur egg shell fragment, mammal tooth, turtle shell fragment, bony fish fossil, shark tooth, fish tooth, horse tooth, mammal bone and others.

    Classification of Minerals Collection
    60106 Model
    This collection of 50 specimens includes examples of silicates, oxides, sulfates, phosphates, carbonates, and other major mineral groups as classified in "Dana’s Textbook of Mineralogy." 

     Classroom Meteorite Study Kit
    60014 Model
    Contains specimens of a small tektite and four meteorites: a tektite collected from Thailand; a "stony" olivine­bronzite chondrite collected from Ozona, Texas; a "stony-iron" pallisite collected from Imilac, Chile; an "iron" octahedrite collected from the Northern Territory of Australia; and a larger specimen of an iron meteorite collected from Diablo Canyon, Arizona. 

    Comparative Heart Anatomy Plastomount
    60083 Model
    Specimens of five animal hearts mounted side-by-side for comparative study: fish (carp), amphibian (frog), reptile (snake), bird (chicken), and mammal (rabbit). 

    Complex Invertebrates Fossil Collection
    60034 Model
    In Search of Ancient Life Fossil Series. Four fossil sets: Cephalopoda -12 specimens exhibit important morphological features such as coiling, ornamentation, and sutures. Nautiloids, ammonoids, and coleoids from Paleozoic and Mesozoic; Echinodermata -12 specimens including cystoid, blastoid, crinoid calyx and stem, and regular and irregular echinoids from Paleozoic to Mesozoic; Gastropoda (snails) -16 specimens show evolutionary development through each geologic era, includes a recent specimen for comparison; and Pelecypoda (bivalves) -16 specimens illustrating a variety of forms and life modes, from as early as Ordovician. 

    Crayfish Dissection Plastomount Model
    60069 Model
    Real crayfish specimen embedded in clear resin to allow for hands-on examination. The crayfish has been dissected and labeled to show internal features such as gills, stomach and intestines. FOSS Kit, Grade 4 ­Structures of Life. 

    Crayfish Model
    60060 Model
    A two-model set, one longitudinal section and one cross-section of the crayfish (or crawfish), mounted on one wooden base. Enlarged 4X to clearly show the inner workings and intricate anatomy, including all major organ systems and appendages. FOSS Kit, Grade 4 -Structures of Life.
    Earthworm Model
    60041 Model
    Dissection of the anterior portion of an earthworm showing the digestive, circulatory, nervous, and reproductive systems. A cross-section of the 22nd segment is shown.

    Echinoderm Plastomount Collection
    60094 Model
    Contains three plastomount echinoderm specimens, embedded in clear resin to allow for hands-on examination. Includes: sea cucumber dissection (shows labeled internal structures), sea urchin dissection (2 specimens, one is complete to show external features, other is dissected and labeled to show labeled internal structures), and starfish dissection (2 specimens, one complete showing external features, other is dissected to show labeled internal structures). 

    Fish Dissection and Skeleton Plastomount Set
    60073 Model
    Contains plastomount models of a perch dissection and perch skeleton, embedded in clear resin to allow for hands-on examination. Dissected perch specimen shows internal anatomy, with major structures identified. 

    Fish Model
    60042 Model
    Life-size model of a bony fish (carp). Dissectible into four parts, including intestines, air bladder, and testes.

    Flea Model
    60043 Model
    70 times life-size model of the cat flea. Excellent for showing the external anatomy. 

    Fluorescent Minerals and UV Lamp Set (Long and Short Wave)
    60099 Model
    2 sets of fluorescent minerals (15 longwave minerals, 15 shortwave minerals), a long-and short-wave ultraviolet lamp, and "The Story of Fluorescence" booklet explaining ultraviolet fluorescence and describing fluorescent minerals. **NOTE: Be careful to limit exposure to ultraviolet rays. Wear eye protection (not included).** 

    Foraminifera (Protists) Fossil Collection
    60035 Model
    In Search of Ancient Life Fossil Series.Ten specimens including natural rock fusilinid cross sections. Specimens represent Pennsylvanian through Recent eras. 

    Frog Dissection and Skeleton Plastomount Set
    60074 Model
    Contains plastomount models of a dissected frog specimen and a grass frog skeleton, embedded in clear resin to allow for hands-on examination. Dissected frog specimen shows internal anatomy, with major structures identified. 

    Fruiting Plant Reproduction Plastomount Set
    60091 Model
    Contains two plastomount displays related to fruiting plants. Fruiting Plant Reproduction shows specimens of alga, gill fungus, liverwort, moss, fern, horsetail, gymnosperm and angiosperm. Fruit Types displays specimens of berry, drupe, pome, achene, grain, nut, samara, capsule, follicle, pod, aggregate, and multiple fruits. 

    Giant Hands-On Flower Model
    60000 Model
    This greatly enlarged model of a flower demonstrates the processes of pollination and fertilization. Detachable sepals, petals and stamens. 26 number-coded floral structures are explained in detail.

    Grasshopper Model
    60101 Model
    Lateral dissection of female grasshopper shows digestive, circulatory, reproductive and nervous systems in detail. External anatomy also presented. Each of the elements of the exoskeleton, even the mouthparts is demonstrated. 

    Great North American Bullfrog Model 
    60015 Model
    Realistic 2x life-size model of a mature female bullfrog. Features correct skin pigmentation as well as a characteristic amphibian three-chambered heart, which is removable for close study. Displays the frog’s nervous and sensory systems, skeletal structure, and muscular, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, urinary, endocrine and reproductive systems. 

    Herbaceous Dicot Stem Model
    60112 Model
    Herbaceous dicot stem shows cellular structure both in cross and longitudinal sections.

    Honeybee Model
    60002 Model
    Enlarged 25X and medially sectioned to show mouthparts and the digestive, nervous and circulatory systems. Part of the intestine is removable to reveal the stinger and poison sac. 

    Human Brain Model: 2-part
    60059 Model
    Life-sized human brain model, cast from a human specimen. Model is dissectible into 2 halves.

    Human Brain Model: 8-part
    60007 Model
    Life-sized human brain model, cast from a human specimen. Model is dissectible into 8 parts: frontal and parietal lobes, temporal and occipital lobes, medulla, and cerebellum.

    Human Dental Morphology Teeth Model
    60050 Model
    Ten times life-size, this set of six giant teeth are representative of every human tooth type including lateral incisor, canine (cuspid), first premolar (bicuspid) with advanced caries, second premolar, detachable bridge consisting of first molar with crown, and second molar. Each tooth is labeled with its names and features.

    Human Ear Model
    60016 Model (2 available)
    A model of the human ear, enlarged to five times life-size. Features include a functional equilibrium demonstration using visible air bubbles that move when tilted. Also includes a set of life-sized auditory ossicles (ear bones) cast in clear plastic.

    Human Eye Model
    60017 Model
    8-part model of the human eye on base of bony orbit, enlarged 5 times. Include eyelid, the bony orbit with intraocular muscles, a tear duct, and lacrimal gland. The eye itself is horizontally sectioned, and the sclera with clear cornea and muscles are removable. The two-part choroid with iris, retina, and optic nerve; clear lens; and clear vitreous humor are also all removable.

    Human Foot Model
    60063 Model
    Life-size model depicts internal and external anatomy, faithfully portraying bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves of the adult right foot and ankle.

    Human "Globs" of Fat Model Set
    60068 Model
    A set of two "globs" of fat -one 5 lb. and one 1 lb. -molded from realistic Bio-Like synthetic material. Graphically demonstrates the need to monitor fat intake, especially when used in conjunction with 60067-Human Lean Muscle Model Set.

    Human Head Model
    60108 Model
    Detailed, life-size human head model features a 4-part removable brain half with arteries; a removable eyeball with optic nerve; and nose, mouth cavity, pharynx, occiput and skull base exposed on one side. 

    Human Heart Model
    60037 Model
    Model of the human heart.

    Human Joints and Bones Model Set
    60064 Model
    Includes the following models and materials: miniature joint model set consisting of shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee joints; miniature spinal column with pelvis model; miniature skeletal arm with shoulder girdle and hand model; miniature skeletal leg with half-pelvis and foot model; a 16-minute video appropriate for advanced junior high and high school levels titled "The Skeleton: Types of Articulations"; a book of human anatomical charts titled "Systems and Structures"; and a Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness "Visual Dictionary of the Human Body" book.

    Human Larynx and Tongue Model
    60100 Model
    This life-size model of the human larynx and tongue is medially sectioned to show details of the larynx, including cartilages, ligaments, muscles, relief of mucous membrane and thyroid gland. The front of the lower jaw is detachable and separates into 2 parts. The sublingual gland and the submandibular gland are shown. 

    Human Lean Muscle Model Set
    60067 Model
    A set of two human muscles models ­one 5 lb. and one 1 lb. -molded of Bio-Like synthetic tissue. Exhibits the fibrous and lean characteristics of muscles. Can be used in conjunction with 60068 -Human "Globs" of Fat Model Set to show how lean muscle gives people a different shape.

    Human Liver and Gallbladder Model
    60013 Model
    Life-size liver and gallbladder, dissected to reveal the inner wall structure and a gall stone. Also has a cutaway section to show inner detail, including arteries and veins. External features include ligaments, vena cava, portal vein, and hepatic artery.

    Human Lower Jaw and Teeth Model
    60018 Model
    Model of the human lower jaw and teeth.

    Human Pregnancy Model Set
    60081 Model
    Eight life-size models depicting the progression of a human pregnancy through the 7th month. Includes uterus with embryo at 1, 2, and 3 months, fetus at 4-5, 5, and 7 months, and breech/dorsal position and twin fetuses at 5 months.

    Human Respiratory Organs and Heart Model
    60010 Model
    This life-size replica includes both lungs, trachea, heart, esophogus and complete larnyx with vocal cords.

    Human Right Kidney and Adrenal Gland Model
    60004 Model
    Slightly larger than life-size, this replica of the human right kidney with adrenal gland opens like a locket to reveal interior features including the cortex, medulla, major and minor calyces, renal columns, pelvis, and the ramifications of the renal artery and vein.

    Human Sinus Model
    60049 Model
    Model of the human sinus cavity enlarged to four times life-size showing all sinus cavities. Portrays key anatomical features including the middle turbinate, uncinate, internal carotid artery, optic nerve and brain.

    Human Skeleton Model: Life-size
    60001 Model (2 available)
    A life-size model of the human skeleton. FOSS Kit, Grade 3 -Human Body.

    Human Skeleton Model: Miniature -Classroom Set #1 (17")
    60061/60062 Model (2 sets available)
    A set of 15 miniature human skeleton models. At only 17" tall, these hands-on models are the perfect size for students’ desktops. Special features include hinged arms and legs and a movable jaw. Includes a set of elementary skeletal charts with a detailed key card. An identical set of 15 miniature skeletons is also available ­see alternate title 60062. FOSS Kit, Grade 3 -Human Body.

    Human Skeleton Model: Tabletop Size (34")
    60009 Model (2 available)
    A scaled-down version of the human skeleton, standing 34 inches tall. Features a flexible spinal column, nerve roots, vertebral artery, and removable 3 piece skull. FOSS Kit, Grade 3 -Human Body.

    Human Skin Model with Burn Pathologies
    60012 Model
    This two-sided three-dimensional model compares and contrasts the normal healthy skin from three regions of the body: the palm or sole, the armpit, and the scalp. The reverse side illustrates the progressive severity of injury caused by first, second and third degree burns.

    Human Stomach Model
    60011 Model
    Life-size replica of the human stomach, anatomically correct in features and form.

    Human Torso Model
    60039 Model (2 available)
    A life-size model of the human torso from head to hip.

    Human Urinary System Model
    60065 Model
    Three-dimensional model of the human urinary system (no external anatomy shown). Slightly larger than life replica illustrates: the kidneys and adrenals, blood supply, bladder and ureters, and a portion of the pubic bone.

    Insect Plastomount Collection
    60105 Model
    Includes 16 specimens from 12 insect orders: cricket, chafer beetle, monarch butterfly, dragonfly, cicada, shield bug, Citrus long-horned beetle, ant, onion fly, Asian giant hornet, cockroach, praying mantis, walking stick and wasp spider. Also includes life cycle mounts for silkworm and grasshopper showing the developmental stages from egg to adult insect.

    Invertebrate Plastomount Collection
    60093 Model
    Contains four plastomount invertebrate specimens, embedded in clear resin for hands-on examination. Includes: coral collection (lace, brown stem, pipe organ, staghorn, mushroom, and blue coral types), earthworm dissection (shows labeled internal structures), sea anemone dissection (shows labeled internal structures), and sponge types display (grantia, leucosolenia and spongilla types). 

    Lizard Dissection and Skeleton Plastomount Set
    60071 Model
    Contains dissected lizard specimen and lizard skeleton, embedded in clear resin (plastomount) for hands-on examination. Lizard dissection specimen has been injected with red and blue latex to show veins and arteries and has been numbered to show major organs.

    Mammal Eye Specimen Plastomount
    60085 Model
    Median section of a mammal eye, embedded in clear resin to allow for hands-on examination. Dissected and labeled to show internal structures such as the cornea, iris, lens and anterior chamber. 

    Mars Multimedia Kit (with Mars Globe)
    60058 KT
    Based on NASA’s "Destination Mars" Classroom Activity guide, this multimedia kit includes: "Destination Mars" video and teacher’s guide; Mars soil simulant; Mars globe; Surface of Mars study set with 8 specimens simulating rocks found on Mars, and materials to complete several of the activities featured in the activity guide. FOSS Kit, Grade 5 -Astro Adventures.

    Mollusk Plastomount Collection
    60090 Model
    Contains five plastomount mollusk specimens, embedded in clear resin for hands-on examination. Includes: freshwater mussel dissection, marine clam dissection, oyster dissection, and squid dissection specimens, and a small octopus specimen (undissected). 

    Monocot Stem Model
    60113 Model
    Ideal for demonstrating the general monocot. Each cell and tissue type is shown from several aspects.

    Moon Globe
    60057 Model
    Discover what’s on the far side of the Moon with this detailed 12-inch globe. Shows where the moon landings took place and identifies the Moon’s many craters, "seas," and mountain ranges. NASA-approved. FOSS Kit, Grade 5 -Astro Adventures. 

    Mr. Gross Mouth
    60003 Model
    A human mouth model illustrating the effects of chewing tobacco and snuff, such as oral cancer, gum disease, cavities, and loss of teeth. Gross!

    Mushroom Structure Model
    60030 Model
    Highly-detailed, four-part model with detachable sections helps students become acquainted with the taxonomic differences of the various mushroom types, as well as identify the distinguishing characteristics of each fungi. The cap displays four different mushroom genera, the underside depicts various spore-bearing structures. 

    Owls and Owl Pellets Multimedia Kit
    75279 KT
    Resources relating to owl biology and pellet study. Contains: “All That Remains: Investigating Owls Through Pellets” (VHS, IJ, 26 min); “Barn Owls and Their Pellets” (VHS, IJ, 17 min); “Owls Up Close” (VHS, IJ, 57 min); Mouse skeleton plastomount; Owl pellet plastomount, partially dissected; Owl pellet w/prey Riker mount, pellet and skulls of 5 common prey; Rodent structure Riker mount w/identified bones; Great Horned Owl skull and claw replica; Resource Manual for Owl Pellet Studies; Poster Set -Owl food web, pellet bone-sorting, adaptations, more; CD -Guide to Night Sounds, vocalizations of North American Owls; Snowy Owl puppet; Books: Guide to Owl Watching in North America, North American Owls: Biology and Natural History, Zoobooks: Owls, Owls By Day and Night, Owls: A Wildlife Handbook, Owls: The Silent Fliers, Owls: Whoo Are They?, Animal Lives: The Barn Owl.

    Plant Kingdom Plastomount Set #1
    60076 Model
    Contains 12 plant specimens, embedded in clear resin (plastomount) to allow for hands-on exploration. Specimens included are: Blue green algae (Oscillatoria), Green algae (Codium), Brown algae (Fucus), Red algae (Chrondus), Bracket fungus (Polyporus), Mushroom (Agaricus), Bog moss (Sphagnum), Liverwort (Marchantia), Maiden-hair fern (Adiantum), Scrub pine (Pinus), Spanish "moss" (Tillandsia), and Reindeer "moss" (Cladonia). 

    Plant Kingdom Plastomount Set #2
    60077 Model
    Contains 12 plant specimens, embedded in clear resin (plastomount) to allow for hands-on exploration. Specimens included are: green algae (Ulva), brown algae (Sargassum), liverwort (Porella), liverwort (Ricciocarpus), moss (Selaginella), club moss (Lycopodium), Venus flytrap, Horsetail, Pine needle, monocot flower (Yucca), dicot flower (Daucus), and dodder on host (Cuscuta). 

    Plants (Vascular and Algae) Fossil Collection
    60032 Model
    In Search of Ancient Life Fossil Series. ­Contains twelve specimens of fossilized plant life: algae, diatoms, arthrophytes, lycopods, seed ferns, conifers, and angiosperms. 

    Prokaryotic Cell Model
    60114 Model
    Show structures of a typical bacteria cell enlarged 280,000X. This unique depiction shows the external cellular structures and is partially cutaway to reveal internal structures. Structures illustrated include pili, flagella, chromosomal DNA, an inclusion body, plasmids, ribosomes, the cell envelope, and the plasma membrane. It is removable from the stand and comes with a key. 

    Rock Cycle Specimen Set
    60107 Model (2 copies)
    The various stages in the geologic process of rocks forming, changing, weathering, and breaking down are represented in the 45 samples contained in this set. Includes 15 specimens each of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. 

    Sea Anemone Model
    60045 Model
    A section dissected to show gullet and the system of mesenteries that supports the gullet and reproductive structures. The gastrovascular cavity, the mesenteric filament, and the acontia are also exposed.

    Seashore Animal Plastomount Set
    60066 Model
    Contains 12 specimens of common beach animals, embedded in clear resin (plastomount) to allow for hands-on exploration. Specimens included are: fiddler crab, sea urchin, jellyfish, coral, starfish, sand dollar, lamp shell, hermit crab, sea horse, horseshoe crab, limpet, and algae. 

    Simple Invertebrates Fossil Collection
    60033 Model
    In Search of Ancient Life Fossil Series. Contains 4 collections from the series: Brachiopoda (lamp shells) -16 specimens of articulate and inarticulate forms, basic morphology and variety of ornamentation well illustrated, Cambrian to Recent; Cnidaria (corals) ­16 specimens with examples from each of the geologic eras, including stromatoporoid, rugose, tabulate, and scleractinian corals; Bryozoa (sea mats) -16 specimens representing several orders including encrusting, branching and fanlike forms spanning 500 million years; and Porifera (sponges) -Ten specimens from the Paleozoic era to Recent. 

    Simple Machines: Gear Models
    60051 Model
    Work, Force and Energy Models Series. Includes three models of different types of gears: gear rack, gear train, and motion converter.

    Simple Machines: Inclined Plane Models
    60054 Model
    Work, Force and Energy Models Series. Set of 2 inclined plane models. Includes inclined plane with cart and wedge, and screw.

    Simple Machines: Lever Models
    60052 Model
    Work, Force and Energy Models Series. Set of three lever models. Includes lever, fulcrum balance and pendulum.

    Simple Machines: Pulley Models
    60053 Model
    PIJ 2001
    Work, Force and Energy Models Series. Set of three pulley models. Includes pulley, block and tackle, and wheel and axle.

    Snail Model
    60046 Model
    Greatly enlarged cross-sectional model of the snail. Sagittal dissection shows internal anatomy. FOSS Kit, Grade 4 - Structures of Life. FOSS Kit, Grade 5 - Environments. FOSS Kit, Kindergarten - Animals 2x2. 

    Starfish Model
    60047 Model
    Greatly enlarged model of a starfish, showing internal and external anatomy. 

    Stingray Specimen Plastomount
    60087 Model
    Small stingray specimen showing external features, embedded in clear plastic to allow for hands-on examination. 

    Sunspotter Solar Telescope
    60056 Model
    Wooden Keplerian telescope provides a safe and convenient way to view the light of the sun, using a series of mirrors to project an image of the sun onto a white viewing screen. Students can track sunspots as they appear, move and vanish. FOSS Kit, Grade 5 -Astro Adventures.

    Volcano Model
    60031 Model
    The majority of the Earth’s active volcanoes are of the stratum type. Graphically depicts the fundamental structures of this type of volcano, the vertical cutaway section revealing the path the magma takes through the volcano.